Monday, 20 October 2014

Colour Swatches

HMV has introduced a re-design of some film classics and this cover in particular stood out to me - the colour palette is very similar to the palette I was playing about with in my sketchbook. The simple shapes and print aesthetic is something that I want to replicate in the mural.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Project Introduction

Through the project briefing and what I knew of the Buttermarket beforehand, I immediately thought of the work of David Doran. The idea of celebrating the market in "boxes" is what underpins my ideas- this makes it easier as a group project to assign a box to different people to work on.



Wrap for Web

From visiting the Buttermarket and going back to take some photos my initial ideas over the past couple of weeks developed...



image(4)  image(5)



image(9)  image(10)


The market's website ( ) describes the Buttermarket as 'Local, farm fresh, and affordable' and 'Products, produce & services' which confirms my thoughts about celebrating the stalls in the mural.
 The Buttermarket reminded me of the collections project we did last year - each stall being a collection of different things presented in a charming way - I want to reflect this in the mural design.