Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Book Cover Design: FINAL redesign - Roald Dahl 'Skin'

Fedrigoni Calender - Packaging Project


 I did a lot of research for this project but have come to realise that I didn't document my research very well -if at all- I've just kept it in my head. For future projects I need to remember to keep a tab at the websites and books that I'm looking at.
From my research it's clear that Fedrigoni oozes sophistication and clearly provides top quality papers - I needed to replicate that feeling in my final product. I also found an archive of their previous calenders which also clearly demonstrated sophistication in it's minimal and innovative approaches. During the brainstorming stage, I came up with a lot of ideas that I felt best replicated the company's ideals as well as a design that was original in it's own right but I really struggled with which idea I wanted to go with and really didn't quite understand the potential of the laser cutter. It wasn't until after a class group discussion with our tutor that I just played around with paper to create a structure that was minimal and different to the previous calenders (prototype in journal)

Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the last project of the Illustration Applications module. Because of the short time scale between the Adobe Illustrator induction and the deadline as well as allocated 'open access' time to use the laser cutter - it meant that I spent a day in line waiting to get my calender cut - encountered problems - fixed the problems - ran out of time - only to have an ear infection the next  open access (and only time before deadline) I was going to use the laser cutter. It's a real shame that I didn't get to execute my ideas into a structure (even when I went out of my way to buy special card for it :() but at least now I know what potential the laser cutter has for future projects through observation of others using it. Now that I am comfortable in using Adobe Illustrator, perhaps next time I could be the first in line for the laser cutter!

(Initial ideas and prototype of the final piece can be found in my journal.)

Monday, 27 January 2014

Final 'My Favourite Things' collection

I've had so much fun doing the Book Arts module and I'm definitely going to incorporate it into my work in the future. I've learnt how to do a number of different stitches to bind books and grown in confidence with my cutting skills. :)

The Ultimate 'Exquisite Corpse' book

I first made 3 separate Japanese Stab Stitch books that we learnt in class.

Put them together on card to keep them aligned and then glued fabric and lace round for the cover

Then all I had to do was draw the figures in...

...and have fun making silly people


Saturday, 18 January 2014

360°Book Jungle Book
360°  Jungle Book
-Yusuke Oono

I came across Yusuke Oono's work through tumblr - his work is amazing and I really wanted to do something similar for one of the 'My Favourite Things' books but I didn't know what they were called or where to start  - it's a good job my tutor, Marion, knew what I was on about from a poor explanation and a scribble... 'Tunnel books' was what I should be looking at - and now that I knew what it was called I found so many incredible books, incredible but very ambitious. I scaled down my idea to a pocket sized book and made a concertina style prototype of the tunnel book - it worked so well for what I wanted to do that I carried on using the prototype for the final book.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Keeping track of http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/book-arts has led me to quite a few inspiring artists and book structures.

Stigmata by Nicholas Jones

CollectionVladimir Stankovic

Sweet Home by Yusuke Oono

Cutting Book Series with ED Rushca Artists who make pieces, Artists who do books (detail)
Cutting Book Series with ED Rushca
"Artists who make pieces, Artists who do books"

There are also a lot of very inspiring and interesting books that get submitted to http://fuckyeahbookarts.tumblr.com/